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We have very humble beginnings. L.O. Gates started his first dealership as a side business from his grocery store all the way back in 1928. We are still a family owned and operated business, and even though we now have several dealerships located in the heart of Michiana, we are still humble. This is now a third and fourth generation business, and even with all that has happened, we still have never forgotten about our beginnings. We will always provide you with the quality automotive experience that you are looking for at Gates Automotive Group.

If you are looking for a brand new Chevrolet or Toyota, then we can help you out with our new inventory of more than 300 vehicles. We have the selection from both of our brands that you need when you are looking to buy a new car. If you are not looking for a new car, then we are sure that we can interest you in one of quality used vehicles. On top of that, we can provide you with the commercial vehicles that your business needs, the automotive service that your Chevrolet or Toyota needs, and any of the body work that your vehicle may need done. We have worked hard to expand our business over the years to make sure that Gates Automotive Group can really do it all.

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